Chris Knee: Chiropractor, Balmain and Rozelle, Sydney.

Chris Knee is a highly skilled and qualified chiropractor with years of education and training. He offers comprehensive treatments for back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and spine, muscle and joint injuries, conditions and pain related problems. To treat, he uses the most effective, evidence-based, non-surgical techniques and methods available to chiropractors and physiotherapists. As the first and only chiropractor in Australia with McKenzie credentials, this includes the McKenzie Method of treatment. The McKenzie Method is a proven internationally acclaimed method of assessment and treatment for spinal and extremity pain, as well as the gold standard in chiropractic care. Based in Sydney, Chris provides treatment and services exclusively in Balmain and Rozelle in the Inner West of Sydney. He offers convenient appointments that are unrushed and detailed.

How can chris knee and chiropractic care help you?

Neck pain treatment

Neck pain is common and has many causes and symptoms. To fix and relieve neck pain, Chris will examine, diagnose and treat neck pain using safe, gentle and effective evidence-based chiropractic techniques. While some chiropractic techniques involve ‘cracking’, for those patients who find this unpleasant, Chris is trained and skilled in all chiropractic approaches to treat neck pain without cracking.

Low back pain treatment

Low back pain is so common that it is the number one reason patients receive treatment at our Balmain and Rozelle chiropractic clinic. To treat low back pain, Chris will provide a diagnosis and explain the treatment options to his patients. To relieve pain and fix problems in the low back, treatment involves gentle, safe and effective chiropractic techniques that are proven to ease and relieve pain.

Intervertebral disc injuries treatment

Many patients visit Chris due to intervertebral disc problems, such as disc herniations, disc protrusions, disc bulges and discogenic pain. To treat these problems, Chris uses the highest standard in chiropractic care, as well as the internationally acclaimed McKenzie Method. These evidence-based treatment approaches are safe, gentle and effective to help fix intervertebral disc problems and ease pain.

Muscle and joint treatment

Chris provides muscle and joint treatment for acute to chronic conditions. Chris is a chiropractor, sports chiropractor, strength and conditioning specialist, McKenzie credentialed practitioner and is currently undertaking his Doctor of Physiotherapy. These extensive qualifications allow him to use a combination of treatment techniques, including advance massage, dry needling and intensive rehabilitation.

What does Chris Knee do?


Chiropractic is a healthcare profession focused on non-surgical treatment of spine, muscle and joint problems. Chris Knee provides a high quality chiropractic treatment service from his Balmain and Rozelle clinicMore

Sports Chiropractic

As a speciality of the chiropractic profession, sports chiropractors have extensive knowledge of the physical demands of sports on the body. They treat and fix sports injuries using non-surgical methods. More

McKenzie Method

McKenzie Method is an evidence-based internationally acclaimed method of treatment for spinal and extremity pain. Chris Knee is the only chiropractor in Australia with McKenzie credentials. More

Neck And Low Back Pain

Neck and low back pain affects most of us and is often quite painful. To treat and fix neck and back pain, Chris Knee uses comprehensive, effective, safe, reliable and research supported techniques. More

Dr Chris Knee (chiropractor) is the owner and director at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre and Balmain Chiropractic Centre

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