What to expect

What to expect at your appointment with Chris Knee

Chris Knee is a committed chiropractor who is passionate about getting his patients better and back to doing the things they enjoy without any pain. To do this, Chris will perform these important steps:

  • Ask you to complete the required new patient pre-consult forms
  • Identify your medical history
  • Perform a safe physical examination to find the cause of your pain or condition
  • Make a formal diagnosis
  • Discuss specific evidence-based treatment strategies
  • Perform required treatment to relieve pain
  • Educate you on self-management and rehabilitation techniques that you can do at home
  • Provide you with advice and information to assist in your recovery
  • Follow up with you at your next appointment.


Why is a full chiropractic history important? 

All information provided at your appointment with Chris is kept confidential with your privacy as a priority. A full chiropractic history is important and the reasons for this is to:


  • Establish a diagnosis
  • Identify conditions that have been excluded
  • Apply a specific and individualised treatment
  • Indicate what is going on and how to help your condition
  • Determine if the stage of the problem is acute, subacute or chronic
  • Gain a sense of the patients’ function, activity and participation limitations
  • Identify if chiropractic care is appropriate for the injury or pain related condition
  • Understand the severity of the issue, which will guide the chiropractic physical exam
  • Outline which tests are required (e.g. x-rays).


Why is a chiropractic physical exam important?

Chris is safe and gentle in his approach. A chiropractic physical exam is important to:


  • Look at posture and identify if any deformities exist (changes in the way you holding yourself due to pain or the underlying problem)
  • Assess if simple postural changes can change the way your symptoms are behaving
  • Determine baseline measures that will guide treatment
  • Identify if your problem responds to special tests
  • Decide if a neurological examination is needed
  • Establish if physical testing aligns with the diagnosis.

Dr Chris Knee (chiropractor) is the owner and director at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre and Balmain Chiropractic Centre

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